Antique Shows

Day Two

Today is the second day of The Kingsland Manor Antique Show. You should swing by for this brand new antique show. This show is in a beautiful venue so come for the view at least. We are in Nutley, NJ behind the Amc, Stop and Shop, and across from the park. The best way to […]

My Bad

So I may or may not have left the car running in the street for a hour at today’s Antique Show. Not my proudest moment but at least it was still there. Just a fun update, Victor

I’m in a Manor

Today we have an antique show in an actual manor. This is a surprisingly awesome show our set up its pretty nice and the location is beautiful. Here’s a picture without Instagram. Also here is our setup. Come visit us at Kingsland Manor. The address is 3 Kingsland Ave, Nutley New Jersey. Mention our Facebook, […]

Pre Show Jitters

I tend to get a little crazy the night before a show. I know I have to get to sleep early but the excitement of the upcoming event always keeps me up. It is like Christmas, however you never know if you are getting coal or cash. Tomorrow we are doing an actual antiques show […]