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Pre Show Jitters

I tend to get a little crazy the night before a show. I know I have to get to sleep early but the excitement of the upcoming event always keeps me up. It is like Christmas, however you never know if you are getting coal or cash. Tomorrow we are doing an actual antiques show which could be right up our alley. However there could be 30 other dealers with the same style of stuff. This is why I do my best to make Market Treasures the name of our business. I would love to be known as Market Treasures rather then Carol and Victor. It would make people associate our names with true quality items, because they are able to go online and see we are a legitimate business.

Everyone of these posts feels like I am doing something to help myself and my business. I am beefing up my writing skills as well as my social media skills. This all leads to more traffic to our site and sooner or later someone finds something that they can’t live without. That is the joy of this profession. Having items that people just fall in love with. We do our best to carry a variety of items both at shows and in our store that there is always something that will draw your attention. As you saw in my previous post I fell in love with two pieces of jewelry that I don’t plan on taking off anytime soon.

I know I am sort of rambling but that is what comes with the pre show jitters. Since I usually lock myself in my room around 8 I am alone for most of the night. I have plenty of time to think of how the next day will go. Planning ahead seeing where I need to be, what I need to post, pictures I need to edit or take, and what social media I need to catch up on. I have learned running a successful online shop takes a lot of successful marketing.

Right now I hope I am doing everything right. Every like, comment and interaction I have that pertains to Market Treasures is like a minor victory. I watch my page hits both on my blog and my website like a junkie. Always trying to get that right person at the right time who is ready to purchase some jewelry. It is like fishing just with jewelry instead of worms. It takes patience and a will to sell.

Thanks For Reading My Ramblings,


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