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If You Are Trying To Add Some Bling

4 cttw Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver J Hook Pierced Earrings These are wonderful earrings that look like white gold and top-quality diamonds. Good news, though, they are sterling and cubic zirconias making them imminently affordable. Perfect to take on your vacation while the real ones sit in the bank vault. The earrings are a […]

Pre Show Jitters

I tend to get a little crazy the night before a show. I know I have to get to sleep early but the excitement of the upcoming event always keeps me up. It is like Christmas, however you never know if you are getting coal or cash. Tomorrow we are doing an actual antiques show […]

A New Season Has Arrived

It is officially flea market season, as well as street fair and antique shows. This is the time of year when we do best, well when we are working in person. However we do best in November online, i think it is all the Christmas shopping. However some reason the spring is when people are out and about shopping. Looking for […]

Yesterday’s Adventure

Yesterday I learned how to fill out a customs form for shipping internationally. Since our Ruby Lane shop is view-able internationally we get orders from all over. We have had orders from almost every continent and Australia and Canada are our two best costumers. You have to fill out three copies of a customs for so it is a lot of duplication. […]