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14K+ White Gold Art Deco Diamond & Sapphire Ring size 7.5

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This ring is totally beautiful, what a clear, clean, white diamond! This ring is in wonderful condition. It has a 25 -33 point(estimated) diamond bead set with 8 beads in a hexagonal table. The shoulders are decorated with a ray design with small triangles on each side to allow light to reach the underside of the diamond. Around the gallery are 4 rectangular fancy cut sapphires, approx. 5 – 10 points. The setting is white gold, stamped “18K” and solid, however acid testing holds at 14K not at 18K making us think the gold is underkarated. The ring is presently a size 7.5, perhaps 1920’s or 30’s. It weighs 3.5 grams. We apologize, the pictures really don’t do this ring justice, as mentioned above, the diamond in this ring is quite lovely, eye clean and white, it may have a small chip on the edge under the prong which I couldn’t be sure of under 10x magnification, but no dark spots that we could see. This ring would make a lovely, thoughtful and relatively inexpensive (have you been to the jewelry stores lately?) engagement ring or anniversary gift. Equally appropriate as a right hand ring.

The ring stands approximately 1/4 inch off the finger and the top area is 7/16 inch wide. This is a beautiful classic ring from a bygone era.

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2 comments on “Sale Ring

  1. The ring is gorgeous!

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