Now That I Am A Jewelry Man

I used to hate jewelry. Wearing a piece here of there for just a couple of days before getting bored with it. However now that I interact with jewelry everyday things have changed. I see the reason people are able to connect with jewelry on more then just a physical level. Sometimes something just jumps out at you, that connects on every level. For me it was that bracelet that I showed in my previous post.

I love the way the bracelet sits, looks and feels on my person. It is also a mild way of marketing. People will ask me where I got the jewelry I am wearing and I can say that it came from my shop Market Treasures. Thus directing you awesome individuals to my online shop or to actually come out to a show and see us in person. I have actually added to the jewelry that I actually wear.

It is a Mexican made silver spinner ring. I love spinner rings, they give you both an accent and something to fiddle with when crippling boredom has taken over. If i can I will link a photo below this paragraph.


I am now currently wearing two pieces of jewelry besides my watch, which is a new record for me. Not only that they have stayed on for days which is something that is unheard of when it comes to wearing jewelry. I thought it was time to show my profession via physical marketing. I am able to show people the quality of the items we are selling. Meaning in some cases they are so nice we wouldn’t want to part with them. Everything in our store has been vetted by us and by Ruby Lane so you know you are getting top quality items. Good customer service has become a staple of ours, we want to keep it that way so I have taken on more responsibility when it comes to the shop.

Best Regards,



2 comments on “Now That I Am A Jewelry Man

  1. Clever. I just started selling vintage jewelry too and never thought of wearing pieces to advertise my stuff!!

    • Ya thought it might be a good way to get conversations started and display the type of stuff we carry. I try and always wear something while I am at a show just to highlight a piece. Basically I am usually willing to sell what I am wearing plus it gives me something I can use to gauge weights. Over all there seems to be a plus wearing jewelry and I might stick to it for a while.

      Thanks so much for reading,

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