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A New Season Has Arrived

It is officially flea market season, as well as street fair and antique shows. This is the time of year when we do best, well when we are working in person. However we do best in November online, i think it is all the Christmas shopping. However some reason the spring is when people are out and about shopping. Looking for that new accessory they can’t live without. Since we sell antique and vintage jewelry as well as many other styles, there is usually something for everyone. Even I can find something in our inventory that I am attracted to. Actually right now I am wearing something from my collection that I found at the Wayne PAL. It is this seriously chunky link bracelet, but not in your normal knot style. Maybe I’ll add a picture. If so it will be below this paragraph.


Back to the season of selling. This weekend we are trying something new an antique show sponsored by the Kingsland Manor. This is a antique show i have never heard of but there seems to be enough hype about it that it could turn into a serious weekend. Check Where We Will Be to find out more info on the show. Now that the weather is finally warming up we will have larger crowds at all of the markets we are doing. Plus when summer hits kids will be back from college, and they are always looking for something new and yet old but awesome to bring back with them for the next semester. One thing with larger crowds we are going to have to be even more vigilant against theft.

What happens is large crowds hit the table at once and start asking questions at once. Picking things up and moving them in the process. Then they take these piles of stuff and ask for the best price if they take this thing and not that. Constantly changing what they are deciding to take between each price given until we are fully confused as to what price we had said for which combination of items they are deciding to purchase. It is a game we play every once and a while when the season is good and it sucks. No matter what we usually come out empty handed or feeling like we got the short end of the stick. On top of that while all that was going on there are other customers playing with other items so it is this constant game of where to look and when. I feel like a lifeguard at a pool, I have the nose suntan to prove it.

So with this season comes many ups and downs. Street fairs are where we do amazing. People are surprised to find such high end items on their walk they get excited and find something they love. I think that is the best part of the job. Having something that someone is going to cherish and possibly pass on to their children is truly a nice feeling. Jewelry has a way of connecting with a person it becomes a part of them after a while , it is like a mask you can put on just for a night or a staple of your constant style. This season I think we will do well people are starting remember us and our name Market Treasures, and they are able to associate that with booth a trustworthy vendor and online dealer.

Some of our best customers are returning customers. They are just so enamored with my mothers collection that they visit us every time we are at the Meadowlands Flea Market. I think that this many be the best year for Market Treasures both online and in person. What I really want to say is thank you guys. Without your support and purchases we would have been in financial disarray, but you saved us. By saving us you are helping us save some great antique and vintage jewelry that hasn’t been made in years. So thank you guys for loving this stuff as much as we do here at Market Treasures.

Best Regards,


PS I will try and add the picture. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.


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