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End of a Season

This is the final day of the Wayne PAL Antiques Flea Market. This is a flea market that only happens in the winter months. They are dedicated mostly to antiques lots of old memorabilia, jewelry, and collectibles. This is another place where we are able to find good deals on jewelry to add to our store Market Treasures. We have been doing well online thanks to all of you guys. My feeling is this blog is meant to show we want to be as professional as possible, even though we are only a traveling vendor. If you are in the Wayne, New Jersey area you should swing on by. You might find something special you couldn’t live without. This being the final PAL we are hoping for a good day. The PAL attracts a good amount of people, also these are usually the type of people willing to spend extra for vintage jewelry. Check out our hallway setup.


Come Join Us, Victor PS. Mention our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, or Store and you could get a discount on your purchase.


One comment on “End of a Season

  1. I miss the PAL when it ends. I’ve shopped it for years and know many of the vendors. They are like friends (some are friends). The deals are awesome and the inventory is amazing. This is a great market, too because Vic is OK with me shopping more than at other markets so although I don’t spend the 4 hours I did before we started selling, I still get to see quite a bit, check in with friends, share share some vendor news and find out where the next venue is. As a result, we’ll be at the Nutlley Kingsland Manor Antique Show and Sale run by a lovely lady I’ve shopped with for years. Check it out on the 13th & 14th from 10A – 4P at 3 Kingsland Street, Nutley NJ 07110. Then in May we will try the new Nutley Rec Center show. Details from Vic…..

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