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Chilling at the Golden Nugget Antiques and Flea Market.

Right now I am manning the table. My mom has this theory we do better when it is just me sitting. This means she gets to wander the flea market while I sit here bored to death.

I barely know our constantly shifting inventory. By the time I learn everything something sells and is replaced by two items. It’s like a hydra no matter how hard you try there is always more to sell.

Already we have a vendor yelling about a customer that was impolite. There is something constantly going on at flea markets.

People fighting for space. Vendors fighting over prime real estate. Customers pushing to see our merchandise. Constant threat of theft or something worse.

It if nerve wracking driving around with all this jewelry. On top of the 400+ items we bring from website we have jewelry we haven’t gotten to putting up. This means we only have a fraction of or inventory online. You really need to visit us at a flea market.

Thanks For Listening


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