Double Theft

Yesterday at our flea market we had what is referred to in retails words as shrink. A loss of product and personal items which is just  double whammies in your face. Not only was an item from the table taken, but so was a personal item of my mothers. This hurts us deeply both on a personal and a financial level that it is just upsetting. People don’t realize the work that goes into being a vendor at a flea market. It seems like it could be an interesting job but in actuality it is a constant battle.

Since we deal with jewelry we have open displays so people can interact with the jewelry trying it on and searching for the hallmark. That means we have to keep a constant eye on our tables because I hate to say it but some people can’t be trusted. The best part of it is, it is never who you expect to be the one that steals. Like there is no specific type of person that steals. It just seems that every once and a while someone tries to make a snag. Usually it is noticed and commented on thus preventing the theft but with up to 12 hour days things start to get hard at the end.

To add the fact we lost merchandise from the website which would have brought us in a well needed payment, someone snagged something from my mom. This is just downright wrong I understand stealing from a vendor’s table. To steal from the vendors personal items is even crueler.

However to off set the cosmic juju we had bought a single raffle ticket. At the end of the day they started screaming out the numbers  At first I had the wrong ticket but upon finding the second i found that we had won. Not knowing wither it was the vendor raffle or the actual raffle we had no idea what was in store for us. The woman walks over and hands us a Ziploc of cash. Apparently we had won the raffle that JC Promotions does at every flea market. This was such a nice gift that we were able to overlook the mishaps of the day.

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3 comments on “Double Theft

  1. Victor is so right, you can’t guess who the sticky fingers are attached to….the likely suspect yesterday was a nicely dressed middle aged lady who struck up a conversation but ultimately didn’t buy anything. We noticed the loss almost immediately, but you really can’t confront someone unless you’ve seen them take the item. It’s frustrating, but “you reap what you sew” so you have to treat every customer with respect and you’ll be blessed one way or another.

  2. It is so unfortunate that people cannot be trusted. I hope that winning the raffle at least made up for some of your financial loss.

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